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The mission of the U.S. Army Materiel Command's Historical Office is to develop policy and procedures for the conduct of the AMC Historical Program. The office represents AMC at the Army level and provides guidance for AMC's subordinate command and activity historians. The Historical Office acquires and preserves the history of the command by ensuring that documents, oral interviews, visual images and other source materials are safeguarded in the office's historical research collection.

The AMC Historical Office advances knowledge through research to provide historical perspectives and support to decision making, military problem solving and materiel research and development. The office accomplishes this by disseminating historical materials through printed, electronic and multimedia formats that focus on historical themes and events.

AMC Historical Publications

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AMC Historical Videos

  • Modernization (1962) - A Department of Army public affairs film that highlights the Army's reorganization. Unique video footage of AMC's systems and materials it supported that first year (1962).
  • The Army's Floating Workshop (ca. 1968) - A Department of the Army public affairs film on the story behind AMC's aviation repair facility located on a ship off the coast of Vietnam during that nation's war.
  • Arsenal for the Brave (1974) - A Department of the Army public affairs film which showcased AMC in 1974.
  • War and Pieces (1992) - An AMC public affairs film on AMC's many contributions to Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

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