Inspector General


Inspectors General determine the state of the command's economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, and readiness as directed by the Commanding General. The IG is an extension of the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of the Commanding General and conducts inspections, investigations, teaching and training. The IG provides assistance in resolving issues relating to Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians, Retirees, and members of the surrounding community, while protecting confidentiality to the maximum extent possible, to guard against reprisal.



For AMC HQ IG assistance, you may visit the AMC IG in person. Offices are open M-F 0730-1630.

Primary OfficeBldg. 4400, Rm- A1NE010, Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Satellite Office:  Bldg. 4488, Rm- D118, Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Contact AMC IG via

Contact AMC IG via phone: (256) 842-3114

Requests for IG assistance, correction of injustices affecting an individual, or eliminating conditions considered detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the Army are made on DA Form 1559. In general, the fastest way to resolve your issue is by contacting your local Command Inspector General.

Before Filing a Complaint:

  1. Please review our FAQs to determine if your issue is IG appropriate.
  2. If possible, try to resolve the issue with your chain of command first. Remember, no one can tell you to not talk to an IG.
  3. Gather all information you need (what, when, where, why, who). Clearly describe the issue you need assistance with.
  4. Do not enter any classified information on the IG Action Request form (DA Form 1559). If your communication to an IG involves classified information, you must read the DOD Classified Complaint page first.